Danial Malik


Danial Malik is a proud Windsorite and Realtor. With an MBA from the University of Windsor, he strives to take his communication, networking and negotiation skills to serve both buyers and sellers across various real estate segments. 

Throughout the years, Danial has earned the trust and loyalty of his clientele by going beyond the transaction. His passion, hard work and charisma have been the foundation for his success in the industry. 

With enthusiasm, professionalism and expertise, Danial sells properties with great attention to detail and various marketing channels to ensure the best reach and outcome for the client. For his buyer clients, Danial ensures all the right research, preparation and strategies are in place in order to have the best chance to secure the property. 

If you are considering a Realtor that has your best interests in mind and has the acumen to provide you exceptional service, call 519-991-7376 today!