About Me

Danial Malik, MBA


Over the past several years, Danial Malik has been catering to his clients by helping them achieve their real estate goals and enrich their lives. With great passion and integrity, Malik goes above and beyond for the needs of his clientele, from initial consultation to closing. This transparency, as well as personal connection, have led him to create a strong referral network.

He is an entrepreneur at the core and has successfully run several businesses in various industries. Given this knowledge and skills that Malik has gained, he can negotiate masterfully, market properties and bring an attention to detail that makes him stand out as a Realtor.

Malik’s real estate business has grown by developing a network of buyers and sellers and partnering with local vendors. By supporting the community, he leverages meaningful connections and provides great value wherever possible. Malik shows strong comparable market research to draw up a winning offer for his buyers. He brings forth top-of-the-line photography/videography, staging and marketing service for his sellers. By having these tools at his disposal, Malik confidently accomplishes the needs of his client base.